Archangel Candles

The Archangel Candles have been developed with the Spiritiual assistance of Marie Barclay, Spiritual Medium.

When used in conjunction with meditation they will help bring the relevant Archangel closer for help in their area of responsibilities.

Archangel Ariel

Archangel Ariel: Divine magic, manifestation & prosperity.

Archangel AzraelArchangel Azrael:  Supports & helps people cross over. Supports helpers, healers & counsellors

Archangel ChamuelArchangel Chamuel: Absolute Love and nurturing

Archangel GabrielArchangel Gabriel: Purification, clarity and understanding

Archangel HanielArchangel HanielArchangel Haniel:  Nurturing Mother Energy who cares for you

Archangel JeremielArchangel JeremielArchangel Jeremiel: Helping make life reviews

Archangel JophielArchangel JophielArchangel Jophiel: Wisdom and illumination, helps clear spaces

Archangel MetatronArchangel MetatronArchangel Metatron: Help with Chakra clearing, Protects psychic & sensitive people, the keeper of the Akashic records

Archangel MichaelArchangel MichaelArchangel Michael: Defender, protector

Archangel RaguelArchangel RaguelArchangel Raguel: Divine order & relationship harmony

Archangel RaphaelArchangel RaphaelArchangel Raphael: Healing, harmony and abundance

Archangel RazielArchangel RazielArchangel Raziel:   Spiritual understanding & practical application

Archangel SandalphonArchangel SandalphonArchangel Sandalphon: Music, help allowing you to receive, live with integrity & speak the truth

Archangel UrielArchangel UrielArchangel Uriel: Spiritual devotion and mastery

Archangel ZadkielArchangel ZadkielArchangel Zadkiel: Transmutation & alchemy